My Video Demo

Due to the COVID-19 quarantine lockdown, our class was transitioned online for the remainder 2 weeks of the program. This video was created as a final challenge to showcase my project as an alternative way for demo day. The challenge was conquered in just one day. I had no prior video editing experience so there was a steep learning curve to figure out the editing tool - Final Cut Pro X. Nonetheless, the experience was both fun and rewarding. Feel free to scroll and read for more details of my capstone project.

What Is Gifty?

Gifty alleviates the challenges Canadians face when giving and receiving gift cards while being eco-conscious. It allows consumers to conveniently make purchases, personalize messages, open gifts through augmented reality, earn rewards, and easily redeem in stores or online.


Gifty was designed as an individual capstone project for my UX Design Diploma program at BrainStation. The entire app design process was accomplished over 10 weeks while completing various other projects simultaneously.

Role: UX Research, UX/UI Design, IA & Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing


Tools: Pen & Paper, Stickies, Sketch, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Photoshop, InVision


Platform: iOS, iPhone 11 Pro/XS

Problem Space

Despite being the most popular gift in Canada, gift cards are often viewed as one dimensional and lack meaningfulness. Made out of PVC plastic, they regularly end up in the landfill and then pollute our oceans.

Personally, I have a large amount of gift cards at home. I often wish for a convenient and sustainable way to use them. For those reasons, I set out to design an eco-friendly solution that alleviates the challenges people face with the gift card experience.

Secondary Research

Currently, there is no wide platform for consumers to purchase gift cards digitally. Consumers need to physically go into individual retailers to make purchases. The demand for physical gift cards has increased significantly over the recent years. This is in part due to the rising number of occasions and growing popularity of the gifting culture.

On another note, I also discovered a growing trend of responsible retail and environmental awareness. Consumers are becoming more concerned about the environmental and social impact of their purchases.

According to a recent survey, 55% of Canadians plan to buy gift cards, followed by clothing and footwear (49%) and toys (34%).

Competitive Landscape

Primary Research

In a span of a few days, I recruited 3 working professionals for qualitative, 1-on-1 interviews. To better understand their experiences, I constructed questions to uncover their motivations, behaviours and pain points associated with gift cards. 

All participants are millennials, tech savvy, have experienced giving or receiving gift cards in the last year. In addition to the interviews, I created a corresponding survey on Google Form and obtained insights from 13 other respondents.

Key Insights


I have the freedom to buy stuff with no hesitation

No pressure to buy something specific for someone

I get to choose my gift, I'm picky

I get to buy whatever I want without guilt


Cute decorations make me happy

It's not personal enough

There's no thought into it

Digital gift cards are even less meaningful


I leave them everywhere at home

I always forget them at home

There is no room in my wallet

I lost a gift card recently

Waste Management

I recycle old gift cards

I throw them into the garbage

We need to reduce plastic usage


I want to know my balance and have them all in one place

I want an extensive list of popular retailers

I do online shopping

Pain Points



People need help organizing their gift cards and favours convenience

People enjoy the freedom to choose their own gift without feeling guilty

People are generally motivated to reduce plastic consumption

How might we elevate the gift card giving and receiving experience in order to reduce plastic waste and improve usability?




Journey Map

Initial Task Flow 

I decided to focus on the task flow of how Jimmy receives a gift card on the Gifty App. The receiving experience is a crucial determining factor for people to transition from physical to digital gift cards.


Lo-Fi Wireframes #1

Task Evaluation

View video message 


Open gift through augmented reality 

Tap on the gift box and gift card

Save card into wallet

Tap on notification to open the app





Usability Testing #1

Below is a summary of the most significant concerns which were raised and addressed by five participants during the first round of usability testing.

Task 2A

People had issues trying to select the CTAs because they were situated too close together. Texts were too small to see. They were also a little confused by the "Mailbox" copy. Bottom tab bar needed copy to clarify what each icon means.

Task 2B

People preferred to open the gift directly on the message screen instead of returning to the mailbox screen. They were a little confused by the stilled images of the girl blowing glitters. The video message screen needed to have a smooth transition. The task flow needed to be updated.

Task 5

Most people tapped on the gift card to see more details but there was no further details. They did not notice the "Save into Wallet" CTA that's located at the bottom. Visibility of the CTA needs to be improved.

Updated Task Flow 

Lo-Fi Wireframes #2

Usability Testing #2

Below is a summary of the most significant concerns which were raised and addressed by five new participants during

the second round of usability testing.

Task 2

People appreciated seeing labels on icons. However, they thought the text size was still too small and the presentation of the gift looked awkward. Re-design of the screen is much needed.

Task 4

As much as people enjoyed seeing the animations, they thought there was too much tapping to reveal animations. They also found the instructions to be too far apart from the gift box so they were not that noticeable. To improve, I needed to time the screens and place instructions closer to the gift box.

Visual Identity



UI Board

Hi-Fi Prototype


Marketing Website

Gifty's website is focused on promoting its unique features to both consumers and retailers. Like the app, the marketing website is minimalistic, fun, and eco-conscious. If visitors decide to "dive deeper", they can scroll further down and learn more about the environmental impacts of plastic gift cards.

Wearable: iWatch

I was presented with the alternative platform challenge. Since Gifty is designed to be used by people on the go, a smart watch version is the obvious choice. People can check their gift card balance and scan the barcode directly on their smart watch without taking out their phones. The iWatch app will introduce convenience and efficiency into the people's lives.

Key Learnings

Something I wish I did more is sketching down things more often even if they are just rough ideas. I tend to sketch little bit then go straight into low/medium fidelity wireframes. Sketching my initial ideas out on paper can shorten my time spent on the wireframe process.

I learned that it's important to test early and test often. I always gain a lot of insights from usability testings. It's also equally important to be open to new ideas and other people's opinions. Last but not least, time management is everything. Done is better than being perfect.

Future Opportunities

If given more time, I would like to build out a second task flow that's focused on the gift giving experience (gifter's point of view). This would demonstrate the convenience of purchasing a gift card on the app and allow people to personalize their messages. It would also be great to show how Gifty supports marine conservation.

The Gifty app would ultimately benefit from partnering up with popular retailers and vice versa. Retailers can appeal to eco-conscious consumers by opting to go plastic-less with Gifty. This also ties into the app's reward system - gifters earn points to redeem for rewards at the retailer they buy from.