Rochelle Han

UX Designer based in Vancouver, BC
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Fascinated with details and curious by nature, I enjoy creating meaningful experiences for my fellow humans. My goal is to make a positive impact by not only bridging the gap between humans and technology, but also designing for accessibility and inclusion.

My true passion is Design; I live and breathe Human Centered Interaction. With a background in Business, Marketing, and Customer Service, I started off by designing tailored digital solutions for local businesses. To satisfy my love for learning, I wandered into User Experience Design and immediately became fascinated by how it changes and improves our lives.


As the world evolves rapidly, it has become more important than ever to learn and adapt to our ever-changing environment. Everything and anything can be improved. I thoroughly enjoy learning, problem-solving and improving people’s experience with technology.


During my free time, I like hiking, skiing, take care of my plants, and watching interesting documentaries. Feel free to connect with me through the links below if you'd like to chat about design or anything mentioned above. I'm always looking to solve new challenges!

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